Fun Game Apps for Android

Video games are one of the most effective means of personal amusement. They are available on many operating systems and gaming devices. Developments in mobile phones have enabled game enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite game apps anywhere from their smartphones. This is a brief layout of some of the best game apps for android.

== The Sims Mobile ==

If you are a fan of simulation games, you are going to love this one. It is much similar to the PC version: players are able create stories of their created characters. Basically you will decide how the story goes, through the actions and the career paths you choose for your sim.

For instance: if you create a female character. You will decide who she dates, what career she chooses and what eventually becomes of her.

Another great feature to enjoy about this app is the multiplayer. You will be able to interact with your friends/ other players. You can attend events such as the cooking competitions in the park or house parties.

== Asphalt Xtreme ==

If you are a fan of asphalt, this one will surely get your adrenaline pumping even more. It is the first off-road game in the asphalt series.

Here is a list of off-road vehicles you can expect to drive in the game:

* Volkswagen Polo (R)
* Chevrolet Silverado
* BMW X6
* Dodge Challenger SRT8

As you play, you will realise that it is much easier to perform stunts with lighter vehicles than heavier ones. That is part of the general design of the game.

When you gain enough points/currency to purchase new vehicles, remember that heavier vehicles are less aerodynamic than lighter ones such as the X-18 Intimidator.

If you have played asphalt before, the controls are pretty much the same. In this game you are able to use up to four nitro packs.

The general idea is to enable players to reach maximum speed quicker since the races take place off-road. You might have noticed that cars tend to pick-up speed slower off-road than on tar. It is for this reason that you are given 2 nitro packs at the start of the race.

== Modern Combat 5 ==

This first person shooter game is available on Android, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 platforms. You can shoot your way through different levels on your own or join your friends with the multiplayer game mode.

In this game players are able to pick a soldier and a class they want. Some of the classes you can choose include:

* Heavy
* Sniper
* Support
* Bounty Hunter

No matter what class you choose, you are still able to pick up any weapon you like. Just because you are a sniper, that does not limit you to sniper rifles.

As you complete each mission, you unlock new accessories and weapons. You will be able to use them in both campaign and multiplayer modes.

These game apps got a little something for everyone. If you like to get creative through game-play, try out the Sims mobile. For adrenaline junkies, asphalt Xtreme will enable you to go faster with each race.